September 10, 2015

5 Tricks to Break You Out of a Reading Slump

5 Tricks to Break You Out of a Reading Slump: tried and true strategies to get yourself reading again!

You all know that recently I hit a book rut of epic proportions: two weeks of almost no reading! I only finished one book in the first 16 days or so of August. 

I've finally broken out of my reading slump, and I thought I'd share a few tips on how to avoid reader's rut, in case any of you are having the same problem!

  1. Finish a book. Normally I'm a big proponent of reading multiple books at once, but when you're feeling slumpy, it's easy to read a few pages here and a few pages there, and then fizzle out. If you focus in and finish one book, it can give you just the little boost of triumph that you need to tackle a new book.
  2. Reread a favorite. I reread a couple of Georgette Heyer books I love, and re-listened to Fangirl on audio. I find that my brain gets into tv/game mode, where all I want to do is binge on Netflix or play Two Dots on my phone. Rereading something I love just helps my brain switch back into words-mode, which is just the boost I needed to start reading some light fiction. 
  3. Which brings me to my next tip: read something light. Whatever your favorite brand of light fiction is, grab a book and go. Cozy mystery, romance, YA fantasy, whatever floats your boat. This time I went for a couple of kid lit titles - Half Magic and The Giver. Each of them took me less than 90 minutes to read in their entirety, and then I felt all victorious for finishing two books in two days.
  4. Try a book everyone's been talking about. Sometimes those hyped up fiction books -- The Martian, Ready Player One, The Girl on a Train -- are hyped for a reason. They're fast and addicting, and a perfect way to get yourself hooked back into reading. 
  5. Go somewhere just to read. Whether you like reading in a coffee shop, at the library, or by the pool: carve out some time, take a book, leave behind your electronic devices (if possible), and focus in on a book for an hour or two.
I will say, I thought I had a mini-breakthrough when I read Ready Player One all in a day, but then I went back to Netflix for another week after that. Since this book rut was a doozy, I basically had to combine the first four tips to break myself out of it. I never had a chance to do number 5, maybe that's why I slumped so hard this time!

What do YOU do to break out of a book rut?