December 30, 2015

2015 Reading Stats (With Pie Charts, Oh My!)

This annual wrap-up post won't be as pie-charty as most, because somehow or another I seem to have deleted my large spreadsheet where I track details on all my books (where I got them, author's gender, genre, how many pages, year of publication, etc). I knew I hadn't updated the spreadsheet since about September anyway, and I was kinda dreading the data entry, so it's probably just as well!

Here are a few stats based on my 2015 shelf on Goodreads. (Which, sidenote, the "Year in Review" infograph that Goodreads will generate for you is really cool! Here's mine.)

Thanks to the infographic I know that I read 148 books. (Which is a bump-up of about 20 books from last year. Largely achieved because of how much Juliet still nurses. Ha.) My shortest book was Mr. Popper's Penguins and my longest book was Fool's Fate. My average rating was 3.5 out of 5. (How boring of me!) I'm a little frustrated that I don't have the stats anymore for my audiobook listening... I wanted to know how many days I spent listening to books this year.

From my own calculation, 130 of my 148 books were fiction. Clearly I'm a little biased.

My audiobook listening usually accounts for about 1/5 of what I read, so I was right on target this year. What I find the most interesting is how few "real" books I read, compared to e-books. (Especially since I read my first e-book only about 18 months ago! Crazy how fast I switched over to the dark side.)

So there you have a few 2015 stats for me! Also - stay tuned, in the next day or two I'm planning to post about the 15 Best Books of 2015. 

How many books did YOU read this year?