December 22, 2015

Currently // What I'm Watching/ Reading/ Doing/ Wrapping

Time // 6:54pm
Watching // Mission Impossible... number... 5? I don't know. The latest one. And discussing with Noel how creepy it is that Tom Cruise is only a year younger than my parents, but he's freakily ageless. Maybe the alien thing is true? Ha!
Catching Up On // Everything! We had a marvelous week at Disneyland, but whoa nellie am I far behind on everything now. I'm frantically gift-wrapping/unpacking/laundering/etc. And squeezing in a little blogging, hooray. (I waaaay overgrammed the Disney vacation if you want to see a million pics.)
Reading // I finally finished The Road to Little Dribbling (post-vacation) and read another chunk of Christmas at the Cupcake Cafe. I think I'll be able to finish that one and Fool's Assassin on audiobook, so I should have an even 145 for the year. (Don't worry! Pie charts of all my 2015 reading are coming soon.)
Excited About // Christmas! I bought the girls a bunch of books... mostly from Usborne since I got invited to 4 different Usborne parties this fall. I really love their activity type books, I gave Eleanor a doodle one for our trip, and it earned us several hours of magical silence in the car. In addition to those, I had an awesome score at Bookmans, and found Eleanor an illustrated edition of The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe and I got Juliet a super cute collector's playset of The Jungle Book. (She's completely obsessed with the Disney version of the Jungle Book... I think we've watched it 20 times in the last month or two... so I was so happy to find her the book version too.)
Baking // Cookies, cookies, all the cookies. If you need a last minute recipe - you can't go wrong with my Great-Aunt Hazel's Butter Cookies. They're FANTASTIC, and pretty foolproof. [Sidenote: I wrote that blogpost about them way back in 2008. Forgive the terrible photography.]
Time // 7:12pm

What are YOU doing this week? Ready for the holidays?

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