September 30, 2015

September Wrap-Up and a 31 Days of Book Pics Reminder

I was just looking back at my September goals post, and I didn't do too badly this month! I read a total of twelve books in September. Well, I have 15% of Where'd You Go Bernadette left, but I'm counting it, since I'm sure I'll finish it tonight.

The Good: Half Magic, Devil of Delphi, Trickster's Choice, The Girl in the Spider's Web, Gathering Blue, Magna Carta, Paper Towns, Where'd You Go Bernadette, Ruby Red. You can read my take on the first five here. Magna Carta was a really good history, Paper Towns and Ruby Red are both fun YA titles for the YABMC, and Where'd You Go Bernadette is my current library read. Entertaining so far!

The Bad: Messenger. Meh. My least favorite entry in the Giver quartet. Hoping Son will be better.

The Awesome: The Giver, A Banquet of Consequences. Elizabeth George is FINALLY back on form. Her latest in the Lynley/Havers series is excellent.

On the Blog

I read a ton of kids' picture books this month for a project that Sheila from Deliberate Reader and I are working on for next year. You can read about some of the kids' books I've been reading in my Six Cute Picture Books Featuring Children of Color post. (And stay tuned for more details on our 2016 plans)! I also blogged about 5 Tricks to Break You Out of a Reading Slump and shared my reviews of four subscription services - Stitch Fix, Bookroo, Blue Apron and Kiwi Crate.

And, don't forget I announced that I'm doing 31 Days of Book Pics again! You can start sharing your posts tomorrow - I can't WAIT to see what you're all reading!

In Real Life

  • Juliet is now mere weeks away from turning two. Sniffle. Her current favorite book is "Arf! Arf!", a lift-the-flap book about sea creatures. I taught her to crabwalk, which she needs a hilarious level of concentration to achieve, and so she likes to read Arf! Arf! and then crabwalk around the room.
  • Eleanor is on fall break from school. Hip hip hooray for our modified-year-round schedule -- three weeks off is pretty glorious! We had a fun visit to the Phoenix Children's Museum and a sleepover at my parents' house already, and we've planned some play dates and a day trip to Sierra Vista with friends. Eleanor's loving the Never Girls series, about four real girls who accidentally end up in Pixie Hollow.
  • We got an unprecedented amount of rain for September in Tucson, which led to this cuteness.
  • Noel and I have been watching True Detective, season 1. It's so good! But so creepy! Eep.
  • Also on the creepy & awesome front is Limetown - a new podcast. It's sort of a War of the Worlds type radio drama. So it's done in the style of Serial, with an investigative reporter looking into a weird thing that happened ten years earlier, but it's fictional. Super good so far, although there have only been 2 episodes.
  • And, I've been a Thirty-One consultant for a little over a year. I'm going to be wrapping that up in the next couple of weeks, so I'm hosting an online party right now. I'm giving away some pretty awesome stuff to people who order. You can shop the party here.
Finally, below are my affiliate links, if you want to purchase our favorites from this month. Hope to see you all on Instagram or Twitter or Facebook tomorrow for #31bookpics!