February 10, 2016

February Book Releases to Watch For

Good thing we get an extra day to read this February - because there are a bunch of awesome books coming out this month!

Sex in the Sea: Our Intimate Connection with Kinky Crustaceans, Sex-Changing Fish, Romantic Lobsters, and Other Salty Erotica of the Deep

I read a review of this that said, "I have spent precisely zero percent of my life being curious about the sex lives of sea creatures... until now!" Which basically sums up my feelings about this book. I find the subtitle so intriguing!

The Opposite of Everyone

I know I've raved about this one already; but it was really, really good. I highly recommend you get on your library hold list now, or just buy it! It's good enough to own.

Cook It In Cast Iron: Kitchen Tested Recipes for the One Pan That Does it All

I don't have a cast iron skillet yet. But after flipping through this cookbook, it's on my list for Mother's Day! (Hint, hint Noel!)

Bears in the Bath

We are big fans of Bears in Chairs and Bears in Bed around here! We're going to be checking the library for the latest book with these fun characters.

Glass Sword

I'm already on the library hold for this one! I read Red Queen last month, and really enjoyed the ending. So I'm excited to see where the story is headed. (Although I'm gonna have to wait a whole year till the third book comes out!)

Morning Star

Hooray, hooray, hooray! The final installment in the Red Rising trilogy is finally coming out. I canNOT wait. I'm a little concerned, since this author is clearly unafraid to kill off characters I like; but I'm hoping for a semi-reasonable ending!

The Princess in Black and the Hungry Bunny Horde

Eleanor really liked the first Princess and Black book last year. It's a great easy series, for someone who is almost ready for chapter books. It's a perfect segue between picture books and chapter books, with a cute little heroine.

In Other Words

I've been meaning to read Jhumpa Lahiri for years, and I'm really intrigued by the dual-language format of this, her first nonfiction book. I love travel memoirs anyway, and this one is a mix of travel and language, which I think I'll love.

Heroines of Mercy Street: The Real Nurses of the Civil War

I've been meaning to check out the show Mercy Street anyway, but now I really want to read this book too, because my fellow Shelf-Awareness reviewer Pamela Toler wrote it! I'm so excited for her.

Stars Above

I just realized that this came out last week - and now I'm wishing I'd gotten on the library list sooner! It's a collection of short stories set in the Lunar Chronicles world, and it looks so fun. (Although: do you think the same artist did the covers of Glass Sword and Stars Above??)

What books are YOU looking forward to this month?

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