October 3, 2011

French-Style Yogurt Cake and a Good Read

If you enjoy reading food blogs at all, you’ve probably heard of Orangette, the creation of Seattle blogger Molly Wizenberg. Her first book A Homemade Life: Stories and Recipes from My Kitchen Table, chronicles Molly's journey through childhood in Oklahoma, adolescence and dating, the death of her beloved father Burg, and the meeting and marrying of her husband. Food has always been pivotal in her life (she even met her husband through her blog!) and so each chapter involves a description of foods that she remembers being enjoyed at various points of her life. She has lived in Oklahoma, San Francisco, Paris, and Seattle, so her memories and recipes are wide-ranging.

Each chapter closes with a recipe—many of which sound decadent and delicious, but all of which sound manifestly approachable. That’s the genius of this book—the friendly biographical style makes you want hang out with Molly, and her lilting descriptions of food make you want to devour the food she makes. Molly is charming and endearing, and the recipes, which range from Tarte Tatin to Cider-Glazed Salmon to French-Style Yogurt Cake with Lemon, are delightful. A Homemade Life is a book to be enjoyed in delicious nibbles, because it will be gone before you’re ready to be finished.

I can personally vouch for that French-style Yogurt Cake, I make it all the time! Sometimes I get crazy and add blueberries or use limes instead of lemons or make it as cupcakes instead of a cake, and no matter what, it still comes out perfectly delicious every time.

Rating: 4.7 out of 5
Should I recommend this to my Grandma? Absolutely! She'll love it.

What are your favorite cookbooks? Do you read any food blogs?

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