February 17, 2012

Pinterest-Inspired Book Art Links

This week I rounded up some weekend links for you that are all about book art! There are some really amazing things! I found them via Pinterest, but below the photos are descriptions and links back to the original sources for each item.

Quirky Bookworm // Pinterest-inspired Book Art. Book bows, book wreaths, printed book art, book flowers, book garlands, and more!

1. Use book pages as background for artwork -- just run the book pages through your printer, and frame!
2. Make bows for your gifts out of book pages.
3. Follow artist Isaac Salazar's example and fold book pages into amazing artwork.
4. Use old books as shelves (a new twist on "bookshelves"!).
5. Make book pages into an interesting wreath.
6. Use water colors and wire to turn book pages into flower petals and make a literary bouquet!
7. The Nester used book pages to make a vine/garland that she draped over shelves.
8. These book boutonnieres are adorable! Perfect for a bookworm wedding.
9. And look at this super cool book page tablecloth. I've been thinking about having a book exchange party, and if I do, this is totally happening!

Have you ever made anything out of books? I made Christmas ornaments once. 
I should dig those out and show you!