March 20, 2012

The Neverending To-Read Pile

Thanks to recommendations from you guys last week, my to-read shelf on Goodreads now has 42 books.

FORTY-TWO! Even if I read one of them a week, I can't finish it this year. And by the time I read all the ones on the list right now, I'll probably add another fifty.

The whole "so many books so little time" mantra has never been more true. Keeping up with the recommends I get from other book blogs, plus the books Shelf Awareness sends me for review, plus things that friends recommend, plus items I stumble across at the library or bookstores...I just can't do it! And, that's not even counting favorites that I want to re-read.

Since I get paid a little fun money for the Shelf Awareness ones, those ones are definitely sticking around. And since I love picking up books at the library, or re-reads from my own shelves, I think I need to leave wiggle room for those. I don't want my reading to be too regimented!

Sorry ginormous to-read shelf, looks like your days might be numbered. But how to winnow it down? Do I automatically delete any books that have been on the shelf longer than six months? Do I eliminate all those with a rating below 4.0? Do I delete any that aren't in the library system?

How do you decide what to read next? 
What books would you cut from my to-read shelf?

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