March 30, 2012

TV, Memories, WWII, & Library Tyranny

  • I have vivid memories of life up till about age 6. But then things are spotty till I'm about 12. But ask me what books I read between 6 and 12, and I can tell you about detail. Are you the same?
  • I thought this article about making books more like television was interesting. What do you think? 
  • This news feed history of WWII made me laugh out loud several times. Especially when Germany tells Britain that it would 'luff' to waft a bomb in its direction. Ha!
  • I have too many books waiting at the library. It makes me think of Anne of Modern Mrs. Darcy's post last month about The Tyranny of the Library. This is a first-world problem for sure, but a real problem for me! I had SIX requests all come in at once in the last few now I have to try and hurry and read them all in three weeks, or re-request them. How do you handle this problem?
  •  And finally, I need your feedback! When I reply to your comments, do you get an email? (If you didn't know, I try to reply to almost every comment, and I'm wondering if people realize that.)