April 27, 2012

Links: Giveaways, Great Reviews, and Dystopic Novels

This brilliant map was found here.
  • Don't forget - the giveaways from earlier this week are still open! Enter to win Little Baseball and Where to Sleep here, and Jane Eyre and Alice and Wonderland here. They both have less than 25 entries right now, so your odds are great!
  • Alyce from At Home With Books reviewed Rob Lowe's Stories I Only Tell My Friends this week. Sounds like an audio book to which I need to listen! Have any of you listened to it?
  • Jill from Rhapsody in Books wrote about the 6th glowing review of The Snow Child that I've read lately. Methinks I'd better read this one.
  • I thought this dystopian infographic from Goodreads was really interesting. Of the ones they mention I've only read Fahrenheit 451, V for Vendetta, and The Hunger Games. Have you guys read more of them?
Which magical land would you most like to visit?