May 9, 2012

Judging Books by Their Covers: Georgette Heyer


James Patterson and Louisa May Alcott have already had their turns. It's time to be judgy again - this time with my favorite author! Which version of Georgette Heyer's Regency Buck* would you rather read?

I'm slightly undecided. I prefer the cover at right overall - but the cover at left is more accurate, because in the book Judith Taverner is described as having "guinea gold" curls. I own both of these books, in these exact editions, partly because I can't decide which is better! And partly because it's a really good book, and what would I do if one of my copies got destroyed by Eleanor or eaten by mice or destroyed in a freak peanut butter incident or something?

So let's hear it - which cover do you prefer? 
Do you own multiple copies of any books?

*In case you're curious: Regency Buck tells the tale of the beautiful, rich, and stubborn Judith Taverner. She and her younger brother Peregrine have been left to the wardship of supercilious Lord Worth, who is just as unhappy as they are about the arrangement. Judith and Peregrine are determined to enjoy a season in London, but Worth keeps trying to get them to return to Yorkshire -- merely because he is lazy and self-centered, or because he has more nefarious motives?

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