July 30, 2012

#DailyBookPic Week 3

I totally forgot to do a Daily Book Pic post last week! Since tomorrow is the last day, I figured I'll just do a week or so today, and then put up a post with the rest tomorrow night or Wednesday morning.

It's been really fun taking pictures for #dailybookpic all month - and I'm sure my Instagram followers appreciated a break from my normally Eleanor-centric photo feed.

Day 17 - cover art. I find the back-of-the-head cover art trend a bit odd. 

Day 18 - book club. The only book club I have going on these days is the Summer Reading Club!

Day 19 - reading glasses. Since I still have 20/20 vision, this is about as close to reading glasses as I get. (And here's hoping Eleanor got my vision genes and not Noel's!)

Day 20 - book pusher. Book bloggers and Goodreads are my biggest book pushers these days.

 Day 21 - books in the wild. This is an audio book, in the "wild" of suburban Tucson. Noel's response was, "You went and put an audio book in a tree. And took a picture?!?" Pretty sure he thinks I'm crazy.

Day 22 - Comfort reads. These old romances by Emilie Loring are soooo cheesy. But I occasionally re-read one, and they're always comfortingly familiar.

Day 23 - Learning to read. Eleanor knows her alphabet really well, and likes to "write" her name a lot. But we obviously have a way to go before she actually starts learning to read. She informed me here, "Look Mommy! I spell orange Eleanor. E for Eleanor."

Day 24 - book quotes. This is one of my all-time favorite book quotes. Oh Jane Austen.

Check back tomorrow for the rest of the #dailybookpic project! Or, go check out posts one and two.

Have you ever participated in a photo meme? 
Ever taken any pictures that made your significant other shake their head?