July 31, 2012

The End of #DailyBookPic

If you want to see all of my #DailyBookPics, check out parts one, two and three. And if you want to see tons of people's, check out Book Riot's posts dedicated to them.

Day 25 - Book bag. A collection of the book bags hanging in my closet. They get used mostly for going to the library and for holding stuff at church on Sundays.

Day 26 - repurposed book. It looks like a regular book on the outside...but it's a hidey-hole on the inside! (Never fear: it has nothing of value in it. I just thought it was funny so I bought it.)

 Day 27 - outdoor reading spot. Poolside on our mini-vacation last weekend. I took a magazine though... I actually hate reading books outside; it makes me dizzy to try and read in bright light.

Day 28 - Well-worn book. My ancient, beat-up copy of the Daddy-Long-Legs sequel.

Day 29 - Autographed book. I got my copy of Assassin's Apprentice autographed at the Tucson Festival of Books by the lovely Robin Hobb. Made me an even bigger fan of her stuff!

 Day 30 - Book to Movie. I only watched part of the movie, it was a bit too much for me. But I really enjoyed the book version!

Day 31 - DNF. Although I tried on four separate occasions, I just couldn't get into The Paris Wife. My recommendation is that you skip it and just watch Midnight in Paris instead!

Any other Robin Hobb fans out there? 
Did you love The Paris Wife?