July 6, 2012

A Lazy Week (with lots of books!)


This week I've spent a lot less time online, and a lot more time reading. It's been lovely. I'm even more obsessed with Deborah Crombie now, I've been blazing through the Duncan Kincaid/Gemma James series! I also started rereading Jane Eyre (I couldn't resist it after reading The Eyre Affair  last month.)

I finished Season 1 of Once Upon a Time. I can't wait till the fall now!! If you haven't watched it, I really, really recommend it. The graphics are a little cheesy, but the show itself is fairy tale perfection.

And, I'm about to start Pardonable Lies  for the July Link-Up of the Summer Reading Club. I've missed Maisie, so I'm glad to get back to the series.

If you follow me on Instagram (or Twitter, or Pinterest for that matter), you may have seen all the #DailyBookPic pictures I've been posting. It's so fun to see other bookworm-y pics.

It's been a nice week around here! How about you?

P.S. Tuesday's giveaway is still open! You should go leave a comment...