July 8, 2012

'Spring' Cleaning and Facebook and Things

So I realize it's July. And freakishly hot in most parts of the country. But, I thought it was time to do a little blog spring-cleaning, and let you know about some aspects of Quirky Bookworm that you might not know about!

Facebook changed the way stuff shows up in news feeds. Even if you like the Quirky Bookworm Facebook page, you may not be seeing posts. Only 11 people saw one of my posts the other day, even though Quirky Bookworm has 130 likes! To remedy the situation, go to the Facebook page, hover over the 'liked' button, and click on 'Show in News Feed'. And, if you don't like the page yet, you should! I post extra things (that don't show up here on the blog) there.

If you haven't subscribed to Quirky Bookworm, that's an easy way to make sure that posts show up in your feed reader or email. Just click on the feed symbol or the email symbol if you want to sign up. Then posts will just show up automatically for you, which makes life a little simpler.

One of my FAVORITE parts of blogging is when you guys comment on my posts. If you don't normally, you should check out the comments on each post! Like my recent "Books That Make Me Cry" post-- I loved all the responses I got about what books make you guys cry. 


And, as I mentioned Friday, I'm having so much fun with the #DailyBookPic meme started at BookRiot. I may have to do a whole post of pics soon. But, if you want to see examples of everyone's pictures, you can check out the #DailyBookPic Pinterest board.

Day 5 of #DailyBookPic
My bookmark for Day 5 of #DailyBookPic

It seriously makes me so happy when I get blog comments! Thanks to each of you who takes the time to leave them.