October 18, 2012

31 Days of Awesome Kids' Books: Recommendations From You and For You!

 Your Recommendations for Me

Last month I asked on Facebook and Twitter what your favorite board book and picture books were. You all gave me tons of ideas, and Eleanor and I had a blast checking them out from the library.

Byron Barton's Boats
 Anne Bogel recommended Byron Barton. We checked out Boats, but Eleanor wasn't too interested in it, I couldn't get her to read it more than once. It had adorable illustrations though, and I think for the younger-than-2 crowd it could be a hit.

Denise Fleming's Sleepy, Oh So Sleepy
Amanda Junkel recommended Sleepy, Oh So Sleepy by Denise Fleming. We've read this one about a million times at bedtime now. I'd call it a hit! Such a sweet little story. And perfect for lulling a wiggly kid into a quiet state at bedtime!

Todd Parr's We Belong Together: A Book About Adoption and FamiliesJulie Haller recommended Todd Parr. We checked out We Belong Together: A Book About Adoption and Families. Eleanor immediately made me read it four times in a row, turning back to the beginning as soon as I got to the end. And then all week she kept requesting "that very bright book". A definite winner of a recommendation - and we'll be looking for more Todd Parr books! 

My Recommendations for You

I've been enjoying several other book-related 31 Days series, and I thought you might like them too.
What other picture books would you recommend? 
Following any other great 31 Days series?  

This post is day eighteen of my 31 Days of Awesome Kids' Books. Don't forget that the giveaway from Day 14 is still open!
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