November 4, 2012

Better Than the Book?

This conversation about Julie and Julia on Twitter a few weeks ago got me pondering: how often is the movie better than the book? 

I've been racking my brains, but I'm having trouble coming up with one. I mean, I adore the movie Sense and Sensibility (the one with Emma Thompson and Kate Winslet) - but there's no way I can say it's better than the Austen original!

Or, I really liked both Persepolis the movie AND Persepolis the graphic novel.

And I enjoyed The Hunger Games movie on a different level than the book.

But better than the book? Hm.

How about you? Can you think of instances where you liked the movie better than the book?

P.S. How did it take me 2 days to notice that the post title was "Better than the Movie?" when I meant it to be "Better than the Book?" *blush*