November 20, 2012

Bookmarkin' Stats

I am so happy that 58 of you participated in my bookmark survey! Thanks, it was a lot of fun to see your answers, and to read your hilarious comments on that post.

And now, (drumroll please) for the results!

An overwhelming majority of you use bookmarks (hooray!). Or at least you said you did since I said I hate broken spines... The "other" answers were  "I do all of the above" or "I bookmark and fold pages" etc.

As to how you mark your page, just about half of you use whatever paper is handy. A whole bunch of you have crafty friends who make fancy stamped or beaded bookmarks, or your kids made you bookmarks, or you use ribbons, which I forgot to put as an option.

And, quite to my surprise, only about 51% of you said that you'd take the $20 bill. Really? I thought it would be about 97%! You all are remarkably un-mercenary. Also, I hope that whoever said they wanted the birth pictures was joking. Because trust me, you didn't want to see those. At all. 

To wrap up this bookmark chatter, here's a picture of a few of my favorite bookmarks. The other one I like a lot (which you can see in this #DailyBookPic post) went missing somewhere in the move. I hope it'll turn up!

What does your favorite bookmark look like?