November 25, 2012

#DailyBookPic Catch-Up

I fell behind on the #DailyBookPic-ing while we were moving. But in the middle of last week I played catch-up, and posted six or seven at once to get back on track. It made me oh-so-happy to be able to take pictures of all my unpacked books!

Day 11 - Borrowing books. I love the kid-book-swapping that my friend Dayna and I have going on.

Day 12 - Book stack. In the old garage.

Day 13 - series read. I'm really loving Camilla's stuff!

Day 14 - Nonfiction. Those of you who are Quirky Bookworm fans on Facebook already saw this - and heard me gush about how much I enjoyed My Berlin Kitchen.

Day 15 - Quotable. Oh frabjous day!

 Day 16 - Adaptations. I liked the movie better than the graphic novel. Noel is appalled.

Day 17 - Books in transit. If only I'd thought to take a pic of the moving van! Or the multitudinous books of boxes on dollies! (For those of you from the east - "dolly" means "hand truck".) But alas, the best I could do was my to-read-for-review pile on the desk - which is always in a state of transition.

Day 18 - Regional reads. A few of my favorite geography books.

Day 19 - Book(s) in Progress - my current reads. Although I have yet to actually finish a book since moving...

Day 20 - Exceeds expectations. Every recipe I've ever made from my America's Test Kitchen books has turned out deliciously.

What are your current reads? 
What book(s) do you quote a lot?