December 20, 2012

Christmas: Cookies, Books, Charities, and Music

I'm taking a few days off blogging. I'll be celebrating Christmas over the weekend with my family; all five of us, plus our parents, spouses/dates, and kids will be together! We may not get much sleep, but I'm sure it'll be fun. (Oh and if you're wondering: the picture above is from December 1995. L-R: Nathan, Benjamin, me, Courtney, Meagan).

In the meantime, for seasonal reads, try my

If you want a very un-holiday read, try

If you're like me, and the tragedy in Newtown is still heavy on your mind, check out Buzzfeed's list of 26 Moments that Restored Our Faith in Humanity and the Honoring the Victims of Sandy Hook Elementary from Life Your Way.

If you're looking for a way to give a meaningful gift, check out Pure Charity. I've contributed to the Yaveh Shamma school in Haiti, and the Compassion Child Survival Program in Ethiopia.

For some deeeelicious cookie recipes, check out Aunt Hazel's Butter Cookies or Gingerbread Cookies from my old blog.

And, as my little Christmas gift to you, check out my Festive Holiday Playlist and my Reflective Christmas Playlist on Spotify! See you sometime next week...

What are YOU doing for the holidays?