March 8, 2013

The Tucson Festival of Books is TOMORROW

Eleanor met Lyle the Crocodile at the TFOB last year.

I'm so, so excited about the Tucson Festival of Books, even though none of my very favorite authors are coming.

I'm definitely planning to attend panels with Mary Doria Russell and Maggie Stiefvater. Otherwise I'm being fairly flexible, and I'm gonna go where my book-lovin' friends wanna go.

If you're not familiar with the TFOB, I've written a lot about it in the past.
I'm attending on Saturday and Sunday this year, so I won't get you my wrap-up till Tuesday probably. If you're a local and you're going to attend, email me and we can perhaps meet-up!

If you're not a local, you should be a tiny bit sad. It's an awesome event!

Do you have a book festival where you live?