April 7, 2013

Camilla Lackberg and What I'm Reading Next

I posted that picture of my "to-review" pile on Facebook recently. And... I've gotten 8 more books in the mail since then, ACK. I don't have to review them all, but I do have to sort through them, and make selections, and read about half of them. Which generally means reading at least a chapter or two of each of them, before I decide what's worth reviewing.

Since taking the picture I finished the Lackberg. And yup, I still have a fangirl crush on Camilla Lackberg. The press release that came with the book is amazing. Camilla is a huge celebrity in Sweden, and is married to a famous cop. She's been on the Swedish version of Dancing with the Stars, he won the Swedish Survivor, they have five kids between them, and she still manages to write awesome mysteries.

Although I really enjoyed The Stranger, I'm craving a break from all the mysteriousness now; since a good chunk of those review books are police procedurals or historical mysteries. I think next up is a Heyer re-read. Or maybe I'll finally get around to one of my 2013 reading goals and read Dawn's Early Light by Elswyth Thane.

Or perhaps one of you has a good YA recommendation for me? I'm still on the library waitlist for Insurgent, and I just devoured Scarlet last week. Ideas?

What author are YOU crushing on?

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