May 5, 2013

Currently: What I'm Reading/Eating/Watching

I was inspired by Kim at Sophisticated Dorkiness to write this post.

Time // 1:58 pm, Wednesday. I'm queuing this post up for Sunday because we have a super busy weekend planned.
Place // The computer, which sits on our desk in the corner of our bedroom.
Eating // 73% dark chocolate from Trader Joe's. (I'm trying to cut back on my caffeine due to the Jellybean, so a small bar of dark chocolate has replaced my afternoon diet Dr Pepper habit.)
Listening // To Eleanor yakkity yakking over the monitor during her "quiet" time. She's currently singing the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse theme song at the top of her lungs.
Reading //  I listened to a disc of The House at Riverton this morning. In a few minutes I plan to start either The Square of Revenge or Blood Orange for review, we'll see what I settle on.
Celebrating // Noel's birthday! He's 32 tomorrow, and thanks to a giftcard and his sister's offer to have Eleanor over for a "sleepover", we're headed to a hotel for the night sans kiddo. We're planning to lunch at Hub and catch Iron Man 3 on Friday.
Watching // The Voice. I love these battle rounds, such fun. And it's the perfect show to have on in the background while blogging since  I'm listening more than watching.
Making // Tonight Meghan and I are making Nigella Lawson's Supper Onion Pie for dinner. And tomorrow I'm making Noel a Chocolate Cherry Garcia cake. I've made it for his birthday five years in a row now.
Remembering // How delicious that fried cookie dough was at the fair last weekend. I wonder if I could recreate it at home? 
Blogging // I'm queuing up posts ahead of time! I'm so excited that I'm feeling better, and actually writing more.
Accomplishing // This morning a friend watched Eleanor for about 2 hours, and I wrote a book review, finished an author interview, did three loads of laundry, sorted and dated all my June/July books for review, and did the dishes. Crazy what I can get done without a 3-year-old asking "Why?" every 4.2 seconds!

Now it's 2:23 pm. Time to start reading! 

What are you reading today?

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