July 4, 2013

Happy Birthday America! (and some Bloggy Housekeeping)

4th of July Happy birthday America!

Fireworks! Red, white, and blue rice krispie treats! Hot dogs! Swimming! A high of possibly only 99 degrees for the first time since May!

I thought I'd share a few of my favorite pics from last 4th of July: Eleanor on her trike, my niece Anna with some cool aviator shades, and some delicious fruit and marshmallow skewers (which we will totally be making again, because Eleanor had so much fun helping me make them / eat them last year).

I'm also planning to make some red, white, and blue popcorn (kind of like this), and maybe even these drinks, if I'm brave enough. And since monsoon season arrived this week (oh JOY!), and Eleanor has cried three times because the thunder scared her, we definitively decided to wait one more year before attempting fireworks.

On the housekeeping front: if you missed it earlier this week I cancelled the Classics Catch-Up Challenge. But you still have 11 days to link up reviews and win an Amazon gift card!

And, I'm a little late to the game in mentioning this, since Google Reader met its demise on July 1st. But if you'd been getting Quirky Bookworm in your google reader don't panic! -- there are several other options. I personally use Feedly, as does Tsh from Simple Mom - and she offers a great explanation of its options; including lots of screenshots. 

Other bloggers, like Laura from Hollywood Housewife use Blog Lovin'. Or, you can follow via email (just click the little email logo in the left sidebar where it says "SUBSCRIBE VIA" and enter your email address when prompted, and each new post will be delivered to your inbox).

What are your Independence Day traditions?