July 2, 2013

That Time I Cancelled My Own Challenge

Here's the deal guys. When I dreamed up the Classics Catch-Up Challenge last year, I was not pregnant.

And I sort of forgot how pregnancy brain makes me want to watch Netflix all day instead of reading. (For example: I've read 100+ books every year of my life, except for 2009, when I was pregnant with Eleanor and only read 62.)

Plus, I'm sure once La Jellybean arrives in October that I will be sticking to mostly YA and easy reads, and not wanting to tackle Don Quixote.

So, in the interest of avoiding shamefully embarrassing posts for the rest of the year, I'm just cancelling the challenge now.

But what, you ask, about the giveaway? Well, I originally said I'd do a $25 Amazon gift card for anyone who read 9 of the 13 Classics on my list.

Since we've only made it halfway through the year, I'm gonna make it a $15 giftcard for anyone who links up TWO or more reviews. (Even if you linked up in February or April, please re-link your post here to simplify my life). Remember - they don't have to be full blog posts; you can provide a link to a Goodreads or Amazon review too.

So the linky will be open through July 15th. Anyone who links up at least TWO reviews of the following:

Anna Karenina
Wuthering Heights
Madame Bovary

will be entered to win! I'll randomly choose someone, and let you know who won within a few days.

Thanks so much to the more than 50 of you who signed up. My sincere apologies for bailing. Maybe next year we'll try again!

Which of the classics did you like the best?