January 13, 2014

Currently // What I'm Reading/ Gloating About / Decorating

Time // 2:22 pm 
Place // My messy desk. 
Creating // A Shutterfly photo mug in another window. Although I might just give up because I'm irritated with photo uploads. But I have a $20 credit that expires tomorrow that I don't want to waste. 
Reading // Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone for the Young Adult Book and Movie Club, and listening to Bellman and Black on audiobook. I'm still not sure how I feel about Bellman and Black, but I'm loving Harry Potter as usual. It's fun to be reading it in a more analytical fashion, since I'm purposely thinking of topics to bring up for discussion in the book club, instead of just breezing through it.
Gloating // That Eleanor's in quiet time and Juliet is napping at the same time! It's miraculous.
Wishing // For pizza. Oh how I miss cheese. Hopefully Etta-baby starts tolerating some dairy soon.
Drinking // Water, with lots of ice
Eating // Chex Mix
Rejoicing // That I'm all caught up on book reviews! First time since Juliet was born that I haven't felt 'behind'. Well, on reading anyway. I'm still way behind on cleaning and laundry and bill-paying and paper-filing and...
Walking // At least 7500 steps a day, thanks to the Fitbit I got for my birthday/Christmas. It's made me so much more conscious of getting up and moving.
Laughing at // Eleanor playing "wedding". She keeps dressing up in fancy dresses, getting a hooded towel as her veil, and cutting up sheets of paper into tiny pieces. She walks across the house sans veil, sprinkling "petals" along the way, and then she runs back, puts her veil on, and makes Noel walk "down the aisle" with her. I usually get to officiate.
Decorating // Juliet's nursery. (FINALLY). Your sneak peek is above, but since it's an alphabet/book theme, I'll be sharing the whole thing with you soon(ish). I just have to finally get my act together and make some book art first.
Time // 2:36 pm

What are YOU currently doing?