February 20, 2014

A Few Quick Bookish Thoughts and a One-Question Survey

Happy Thursday!

Both of my girls are asleep right now (miracle of miracles); so I'm jotting down some quick bookish thoughts.

Oddly enough, given the grim subject, I've rather been enjoying The Eternal Nazi. Although since I've mostly been reading it while Juliet naps on me, I have to chuckle at the juxtaposition of cute baby + Nazi-hunting.

I listened to the entirety of The Rosie Project on audiobook in only 3 days; I enjoyed it that much! It helped that I listened over last weekend, so I was able to escape for a couple of long walks while Noel watched the girls. [Sidenote: dear East coast, I'm sorry that you're struggling with snow, but I'm dying of heatstroke already. Summer is BY FAR my least favorite season, which is ironic since I live in a region where summer lasts 5 1/2 - 6 months. But this year it looks like it'll be 8 months... since we're already having temps as high as 88. Stupid polar vortex.]

And finally, I've been meaning to start an ongoing link-up. I've been loving the What I'm Into and the Twitterature link-ups from Leigh Kramer and Anne Bogel (I get about 90% of my book recommendations from them, I swear!). I'm thinking the 5th of each month would be when I'd pick, so that people could plan their posts accordingly.

My first idea was #bookwormproblems, since that first link-up was so fun, but I'm not sure if any of us have enough #bookwormproblems to make it a monthly thing. Then I thought about something more generic like "Bookworm Life"; which could incorporate problems. And then I thought about maybe Judging Books by Their Covers, or even a "Best of / Worst of ______ ".

And then I decided I needed to stop wiffle-waffling in my sleep-deprived brain, and ask you guys! Since presumably you'll be the ones linking up, ha.

So I'm embedding a little poll below. You may have to click through to vote if you're reading via email, I'm not sure. Do me a favor and answer it? Thanks!