March 29, 2014

What I'm Into: The Post-Vacation, Harry Potter, Re-Arranging Edition

Phew, I'm finally starting to find my feet again. Between my "vacation hangover" (sniffle, I just want to be riding Thunder Mountain right now!), the fact that Juliet has been up all night ever since we got back, and that it's the worst allergy season I can remember in years... my brain has been unfortunately foggy. Note to self: next time you go on vacation for a week, in addition to scheduling posts for while you're gone, you should also schedule posts for the week you get back!

What I'm Into

  • Frozen - Eleanor and I finally jumped on the bandwagon. I was going to wait and get her the DVD for her birthday, but a friend loaned it to us, and she's obsessed. She's been going around pretending to be Elsa all day (because, of course, she wants to be the one with "snow power".)
  • Dairy-free, veggie-heavy meals - Recently I've been regularly making a bacon, chick pea, and Brussels sprouts dish. Then last week my friend Meghan and I made this amazing roasted veggie and kielbasa dish with fried eggs on top.
  • Vacation planning - Due to the aforementioned vacation hangover, I've been consoling myself with planning out all the trips and getaways we might take in the next three years. Such fun!
  • Harry Potter - The YABMC read Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban this month and discussed important questions like who do we dislike more: Snape or Malfoy? And as usual, the food at our Azkaban party Friday night was amazing. (Plus I forgot to share any pics from last month's Chamber of Secrets party, so you get a bonus!) 
  • Re-arranging - I changed around all the dishes in the kitchen, so now our everyday plates are in Eleanor's reach, and she's in charge of table-setting. And we got a new-to-us armchair from Noel's sister, so naturally I had to tear the living room apart at 9:30 the other night.
  • HIMYM - I haven't been enjoying season 9 much (whhhhyyy did they make the wedding take up the whole season?‽) but I'm plodding through to the series finale, since I loved the early seasons so very much.
  • Mysteries - I read Gary Corby's The Marathon Conspiracy (book four in a series of mysteries set in ancient Athens, I reviewed The Ionia Sanction a few years ago); which was a lot of fun. Rollicking mystery + lots of history = quick read for me! And now, ironically, I'm in the middle of two mysteries by Camilla Lackberg. I was already listening to The Preacher on audiobook when I got sent The Hidden Child for review. Rather disconcerting to flip back and forth - in one book Erica's pregnant, and then in the other book Erica and Patrik's daughter is already one!

What I'm Not Into:

  • Basketball - even though my husband and two of my siblings are U of A alums, I just haven't cared about bball at all this year. I think it's because I forgot to make a bracket, so there's no competition in it for me. But, #beardown Arizona! Elite 8 game is tonight... which means I'd better go dig out Juliet's Arizona onesie.
  • Sneezing - the fact that southern Arizona didn't actually get a winter this year means that allergies are AWFUL. The pollen counts have been astronomically high almost every day. I can't tell you how much Claritin and tissue we've been going through.

So what are YOU into? 

Hopefully you're thinking about Judging Books by Their Covers since next Friday is the April Bookworm Fridays link-up! 

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