May 9, 2014

Bookworm Friday Link-Up #3 - #bookwormproblems

Technology is so great. Until it doesn't work. My #bookwormproblems this month were brought to you by the letter O. For Overdrive.

I was happily listening to Twenties Girl on audiobook (albeit wishing I could skim faster through some of the awkwardly embarrassing parts, I just can't handle painful comedy); until Chapter 12. It seemed like it ended abruptly. And then it skipped straight to Chapter 14. I tried skipping back; no luck. I looked at the files, and although Chapter 12 said it was 33 minutes long, only 9 minutes would play. And Chapter 13 just wasn't there. I tried deleting and re-downloading the files. No luck. So I tried it all again. Still no luck.

I grumpily returned the digital audiobook to the library, and requested a hard copy. But of course there were other requests ahead of mine, so now I'm (impatiently) waiting to finish the book.

I would've been even more mad at Overdrive, but about an hour after the Twenties Girl fiasco, the library emailed me to say that I could download Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. So I couldn't be too angry.

What #bookwormproblems have been plaguing you?

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P.S. Yes, this link-up is a week late. Oops.