June 30, 2014

I Didn't Write a Post About Books... Because I Was Reading

It's true. I didn't have a blog post for you this morning because I was reading. Rather meta of me, but there it is.

And what books, you ask, were so completely engrossing? A rather unlikely pair, which I read in 3 days.*

The first was Jon Krakauer's Under the Banner of Heaven. Living here in the southwest I know a lot of Mormons (mainline ones; not the polygamous type). And, I've always had a sneaking fondness for a good true crime book. So the combo made for a particularly fascinating read.

The second was Mad About the Boy (Bridget Jones #3). Which, was, as anticipated, quite hilarious. (Bridget on Twitter? Priceless). But it was also unexpectedly touching (when Bridget reminisced to her life with her late husband, Mark Darcy). At first I was wary, because I did not like the fact that Mr. Darcy was dead. But, I ended up really liking it.

And so, earlier this evening I tweeted the following:

Don't worry, I finally got my act together and got pasta and salad on the table. And then I was glad that I'd tweeted that, because it reminded me that tomorrow is July! And thus, the #bookwormproblems link-up will be THIS Friday. So you get your posts ready, and I'll get mine, ok?

What was the last book you were obsessed with?

*Books number 59 and 60 for 2014! I'm ahead of schedule for my goal of 104 this year, hooray.

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