August 6, 2014

Sometimes the Internet is Awesome: #emojireads

My friend Meghan tipped me off to the #emojireads meme that's floating around. (If you're not a smartphone user: emoji is a "language" you can turn on, which consists of tiny pictures.) People are reviewing books on social media using emoji instead of words.

Buzzfeed rounded up a bunch of #emojireads, and there are a ton floating around on Twitter (bringing a whole new meaning to tweet reviews).

I particularly enjoyed this one, of Lord of the Flies.

I couldn't resist the chance to summarize two of the books I've just read: Season of Storms and The Stone Wife.

I do love a good bookish meme!

(If you're having trouble seeing the emojis in these tweets - you might want to click through to the actual post. Sometimes embedded tweets get weird in emails or feed readers.)

Could you sum up your recent reads using only emoji? If you're on Twitter, you should tag me - @quirkybookworm. I want to see what you come up with!