February 6, 2015

#bookwormproblems - February 2015 edition

I mentioned on Facebook a while ago that I bought a Kindle, and I've been loving it. I purposely chose a Kindle Fire because I wanted something backlit, mostly because of Juliet. She has started sleeping almost eight uninterrupted hours at night usually, but to make that happen she has to "tank up" (aka nurse for about 45 minutes in a quiet, dark room) before bed.

Eleanor did the same thing - but back then I didn't have a phone or reading device, so I watched a lot of really dumb tv on mute. (Let me tell you that America's Got Talent is even less interesting when subtitled.) But thanks to my fun new toy (full Kindle review here!), I can read during the nightly tank up.

Here's where the #bookwormproblems come in though - I can only read e-books on the Kindle (duh), and most of the galleys I get sent for review are hard copies. So I'm racing through my "fun" reads, but finding it difficult to manage to get review books read! I wish I could get more e-galleys. I always doublecheck Netgalley, but this month only one of the four I needed to read was available in e-format.

I've been having to read review books during Juliet's naps, which is when I ought to be cleaning... Oh well, hopefully this #bookwormproblem is short-lived, and she'll start sleeping longer at night, and then I'll be able to read hard copies before I go to bed!

What are YOUR #bookwormproblems? Share in the comments below, or link-up your own posts!