February 10, 2015

Reading Spree: The First 23 Books of 2015

From January 1st to February 5th, I read 23 books! That's phenomenal for me... If I could sustain that pace, I'd end up with 232 books this year. But, on the 6th I hit a rut I think. All of the sudden all I want to do is play Candy Crush and watch Netflix. But I'm going to give myself a bit of a reading break - since I'm way ahead of my targeted 104 books for the year, and I have 2 weeks till my next review is due.

Here are the 23 books I read in the first 36 days of this year, with their star ratings. I'm linking to the titles I've already blogged about, and posting brief snippets for those I haven't reviewed yet. And don't forget I'm mapping the books I read on Pinterest too!

  1. The Beige Man - 3/5
  2. The House of Hades - 4/5
  3. Yes Please - 3/5
  4. Plague Land - 4/5 
  5. The Siege Winter - 5/5
  6. Into the Savage Country - 3/5 - a story about fur trappers in the American West in the 1820s.
  7. Bunker Hill - 4/5 - a history of the early months of the American Revolution
  8. The Sweetness of Forgetting - 3/5 - part love story, part family saga
  9. Unbroken - 5/5
  10. Crazy Little Thing - 4/5 - a funny romance set in Michigan
  11. Gun Street Girl - 5/5 - a brilliant detective novel set in Northern Ireland during the "Troubles"
  12. Who Buries the Dead - 4/5 - the newest entry in the Sebastian St. Cyr series
  13. The Amazing Mrs. Pollifax - 4/5 - a fun mystery, starring the redoubtable Mrs. Pollifax
  14. Beauty - 4/5
  15. Bon Appetempt - 2/5
  16. Matched - 3.5/5 - the first in a trilogy, where people are paired for life by the Society. Cassia, 17, is shocked when the system fails, and she's matched to both Xander and Ky.
  17. Crossed - 3/5 - the second, a fairly solid entry, continuing the story of Cassia, Xander, and Ky
  18. Reached - 3/5 - the third, the story gets bigger than just the 3 teenagers
  19. Too Bad to Die - 4/5
  20. The Edge of Dreams - 2.5/5 - a historical mystery set in NYC
  21. The Best Medicine - 3/5 - another funny romance by the author of Crazy Little Thing
  22. The Lost City of Z - 3.5/5 - the quest to find "El Dorado" in the Amazon jungle
  23. Lizzy & Jane - 2.5/5 - a modern story about two sisters - Lizzy is a chef looking for love, Jane has cancer

Are you in a reading spree?
Or a reading rut?

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