March 10, 2015

Favorite Easter Books

Easter is a little less than a month away! So if you're wanting some cute Easter books for your kids - go reserve them right this second. If your library is like ours, once you put in a reserve, no one else can renew them. And since the loan period is 3 weeks, if you reserve right now, you're guaranteed a book or two before Easter.

I'm dividing my recommendations into two lists: Bunnies and Christian. Which may get me some super funny google search results, ha! 


Duck and Goose: Here Comes the Easter Bunny! is as adorable as most Duck & Goose books are. They try to stay awake to see the Easter bunny, but alas, they fall asleep. Maybe next year!

Happy Easter Maisy! isn't particularly new or exciting, but it's a sweet story of friendship, and we always love Maisy's bright colors around here. I swear Juliet tries to say Maisy sometimes.

The Easter Bunny's Assistant is silly fun, guaranteed to make small children giggle. I particularly enjoy the cranky looks on the bunny's face. The poor bunny could only get a skunk to help him, and when the skunk gets excited, well... you can guess what happens.

Happy Easter, Curious George is a perennial favorite in our house. Not only is it a nice little Easter egg hunting story (George mistakenly thinks that someone has lost his eggs... when he was just hiding them for children to find), but also a lesson in mixing colors! And monkey-tastic egg-juggling!

Pete the Cat: Big Easter Adventure is kind of random. For no explicable reason, Pete the Cat has to sub in for the Easter Bunny, who left him a note tell him to decorate and hide eggs. But in typical cool cat style, Pete gets everything done.

10 Easter Egg Hunters is one we haven't actually read yet, but we liked 10 Valentine Friends by the same author, and it was only $2 in the Scholastic catalog this month, so I'm just waiting for Eleanor's book order to come in.

Hop Hop! is another we haven't read, but I'm really, really hoping we get the library hold in time. I love Leslie Patricelli's books - we own a couple of others starring 'Baby', and I'm sure this one is super cute too.


The Story of Easter is basic Christian theology, explaining Jesus's death and resurrection, and why we celebrate Easter. The illustrations in our version are a bit dated -- the dad has a pretty spectacular mustache -- but I see there's an updated edition.

What is Easter? has rhyming text and friendly illustrations to explain that while bunnies and jelly beans and new Easter clothes are fun, the real meaning of Easter is Jesus.

Emma's Easter is a fun story about a little girl who hunts for Easter eggs, and learns that the Easter bunny started as a German tradition. Then Emma goes to church to learn about the Resurrection, and finally enjoys kulich, a sweet Russian Easter bread afterward with her family. I like that the family is biracial too (without any commentary on that fact...).

Easter Babies is a charming little counting book full of baby animals. It starts with one wobbly foal and ends with twelve church bells ringing.

These are some of our Easter favorites! What are yours?

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