May 28, 2015

Armchair BEA Day Two: Social Media

A pretty typical Instagram post.

I'm happy that Armchair BEA picked this topic of discussion for day 2, because I love social media. I think a lot of talkative/extroverted people do - I love having different platforms to share, depending on what I'm saying, and who I want to hear it.

I normally break it down like this: 

Facebook: I try for only one post a day. (Because we all have THOSE Facebook friends, and I don't want to be one of them.) I often post something funny about the kids. Or if I'm annoyed about something and need commiseration from my IRL friends. Scheduling play dates and such with the IRL friends, participating in some private groups, occasionally doing silly quizzes, etc.

Instagram: I'd say my feed is 60-70% cute kid pics, 25-30% percent book pics, and 5% food pics. (Yes I realize that math could go over 100%. Estimating.) I post probably an average of 2-3 pics a day.

Quirky Bookworm Facebook: Updates on what I'm reading, sharing the bookish Instagram photos, and linking to blog posts I've written. I usually post at least once a day.

Twitter: A handful of posts per day. Some bookish things, some Fitbit stats, a few replies to other bloggers, and sometimes a little venting. Chuckling at funny tweets by celebrities, reading articles people link to.

Goodreads: Updates on books I'm reading. Tends to be sporadic depending on how much I'm reading.

Pinterest: This is by far my largest traffic source for the blog. My pins are probably 60% book related, 20% ideas for kid things/ house things, 10% food in general, and 10% grilled cheese. I have a tiny grilled cheese addiction, ok? Pinterest is kinda hit or miss for me. I'll go a week without checking it, and then I might spend a whole hour crazily pinning things.

Periscope: This is my newest obsession. Are you on Periscope? It's like YouTube meets Twitter, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. Basically you record video live, and people can comment in real time, and you can respond to their comments. Or you can watch and like/comment on other videos - it's so great! You can stroll down a Parisian street one minute, and be eating food in Hong Kong the next. 

I'm still experimenting with exactly how I'll use Periscope. So far I've recorded a couple of walks around Tucson, showing off various locales, and I recorded opening my book mail last week. When you save a video to camera roll it doesn't show the interactive part - the hearts and comments that other people give you. But watching this little clip gives you a glimpse of what my whole video was like. (Unlike all the other platforms... my user name is Jessica Howard here. Yay for being an early adopter, and having my very common name not taken yet!)

Hm. When I break it down that way, it does seem like I spend a ton of time on social media. But really, it's just a few minutes here and there, a couple of times a day. Juliet's been trying to get my phone a lot lately, so I try not to be on it much in the daytime, unless she's nursing, because then she can't see the screen behind her head. And then I usually do a quick skim through each site right before bed. I'm not sure why, but I just have to feel totally up-to-date before I sleep!

Do YOU use social media a lot?