May 14, 2015

Currently: What I'm Reading // Watching // Wishing

Time: 2:47 pm
Eating // Shortbread cookies from La Baguette Parisienne. Mmm.
Drinking // Nothing. I'm kind of thirsty, but I'm trying to hurry and finish computer stuff before Juliet wakes up. 
Reading // I just finished Robin Hobb's Fool's Errand on audiobook last night. It was so good! I'm still working on Daddy-Long-Legs for the YABMC this month, and I'm purposely reading it fairly slowly, so that I notice things to discuss. This weekend I might try and fit in a book called Wildflower Hill from the library, before my next shipment of to-read-for-review books arrives.
Watching // Noel and I have a couple of episodes of Modern Family to watch, and then I think we're all caught up on everything. So we might start Orphan Black. But for tonight I hit Redbox - it's family movie night to celebrate Eleanor's last day of preschool today. I had a "rent one, get one" code, so I got Big Hero 6 for all of us, and then Divergent for after the kids are in bed. I'm pretty excited about Divergent - since I hear that the movies are better than the books.
Feeling sappy about // The last day of preschool. Their little procession this morning was cute, and I can't believe that in 2 short months I'll have a kindergartener! (Yes, school starts in July here, it's a modified year-round schedule.)
Thankful that // The weather has been freakishly mild for the last few weeks. We've had rain twice, and only 3-4 days over 90 degrees. Normally it's over 90 pretty much every day from Eleanor's birthday (April 22) till Juliet's (October 15). And since those 6 months are the months I hate weather-wise, I'm glad that it's starting later than usual this year! I love the overcast days so much.
Wishing // I had more time. I know, don't we all? But for realsies: I still haven't made Juliet a baby book, and she'll be 19 months tomorrow! My bedroom is in severe need of a decluttering, I would love to have more time to devote to blogging, and there are always books I wish I could read! Ah well, I'm mostly rested for the first time in 19 months, because Juliet's started sleeping through the night (FINALLY), and I think I'll just enjoy the sleep for now. Maybe in a few months I can sleep a little less and accomplish a little more.
Scheming about // A potential vacation in December. I've double-checked the budget and our savings plan, and I think it's just doable if we spend a bit less in the next few months. Woohoo! I love vacations. Taking them AND planning them, it's all super fun for me. Noel might roll his eyes at my budgeting and vacationing spreadsheets, but it makes me so happy! (Yes, I am a certifiable nerd.)
Time: 3:00pm This might be the fastest blog post ever.
Time: 3:03pm. And it didn't even have any typos! (That I noticed anyway. Definitely the fastest post.)

Did I miss a typo? 
What are YOU currently doing?