May 12, 2015

Triplets, Spaceships, and Broken Families: What I've Been Reading

Hello! I'm sorry I went almost a whole week without blogging. But I warned you that I was about to spend more time reading, and less time blogging. Now it's time to reverse the book blogger's paradox and start blogging about what I've been reading!

In the last week or so I've read a couple of really fun books, thanks in large part to Noel sending me off for almost FOUR kid-free hours in the afternoon on Mother's Day! I ran to Target for a few things, and then spent nearly three hours reading. It was pretty blissful.

My run of fun reads started with Lisa Jewell's The Third Wife. It tells the story of Adrian Wolfe - who thought everything was grand till his third wife died. After Maya's death, Adrian realized that what he thought was his big, contented blended family wasn't quite so happy after all. Could one of his two ex-wives or five children have been involved in Maya's death? I could not put this one down! (I'm reviewing it for Shelf Awareness, so I had an ARC. It'll be published in June.)

Next came These Broken Stars, which I'd seen praised on several different blogs. I checked it out from the library ages ago, I'd renewed it twice, but I finally got to it on Mother's Day. It's a fairly typical poor-boy meets rich-girl romance - but it's well-written, and, intriguingly, set in outer space. Poor boy (Tarver) and rich girl (Lilac), end up stranded together on an unknown planet when the spaceship Icarus crashes out of hyperspace. Lilac and Tarver's struggle for survival brings them close. It is the first in a trilogy - but I understand that the books are fairly loosely connected, and These Broken Stars has a completely satisfactory ending, if you want to read it as a standalone.

And then today I finished Three Wishes by Liane Moriarty. It wasn't quite as addicting as Big Little Lies, but I still couldn't read it fast enough. Lyn, Cat, and Gemma, triplets, are about to turn 34 when the book opens. Then it flashes back and tells of the year leading up to their birthday - pregnancy, miscarriage, divorce, panic attacks, parenting, sisterly rivalries, infidelity. It sounds like it should be sad, but it was actually laugh-out-loud funny several times, because the sisters have such fun triplet-y interactions, and they're so different.

If you're looking for a quick and enjoyable read, I highly recommend all three of these!

What have YOU been reading?

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