September 1, 2015

Bookroo: A Book Subscription Review

A few weeks ago Jane from Bookroo reached out to me, asking if I'd be interested in checking out their service. I was intrigued, because I've had some good luck with other subscription services, and because (obviously), I'm always up for new kids' books!

So I agreed to review a box, and got a discount code to save a few dollars off the $20 monthly price (Note: you can save money too! Use this link to sign up for Bookroo, and you can save $4 off your order). 

I chose the board book option, since Eleanor doesn't read a ton of picture books anymore, and Juliet can't always be trusted to read picture books without ripping them. 

The packaging was awesome - I didn't realize all 3 books would come separately wrapped in cute paper. Juliet was thrilled to open them, with a bit of help from Eleanor.

We got three books - a Sassy counting book, The Crayon Box That Talked, and Hernando Fandango: The Great Dancing Dog. Hernando Fandango was too old for Juliet - it's about a girl and her dog who get on a Dancing With the Stars type show. It wasn't bad, but just not something that really appealed to either of the girls. And honestly, not a book I ever would've purchased if it hadn't come in the box.

The Crayon Box That Talked was cute; a less funny version of The Day the Crayons Quit. Eleanor said that her teacher recently read it to them at school, but it was simple enough that Juliet liked it too. I think I might've purchased this one, because it's got a nice little story to it.

The real winner for us was the Let's Count book. I actually might buy this one for a baby shower soon - it's really cute. And Juliet is really into numbers lately, so she is obsessed with it, and has been reading it again and again. She keeps carrying around all three books though, and firmly announcing that they're "J-May's". (She can't say Juliet, so she calls herself J-May.) 

All in all, I think Bookroo is a great deal - especially with that discount. I think it would make a fantastic birthday present, because every kid loves getting mail, and then who's not gonna love getting 2-3 books to open?! And since we liked 2 of the 3 books, I think it's worth it. 

If you have any more Bookroo questions, check out their FAQ. I don't think I'm going to keep up a subscription for us right now, because the bookshelves are starting to overflow again... time for a winnowing! But I'm pretty sure I know what my nieces and nephew will be getting for Christmas. 

Do you like the idea of a book subscription?

I received a discount on the first month of a Bookroo subscription. All opinions about the company and the books are my own.