June 10, 2016

Currently: What I'm Watching/ Doing/ Reading/ Listening To

Currently: 9:34pm

  • Watching // Fixer-Upper. Guys, HGTV and Food Network are what I missed the most when we gave up cable, and now Netflix has so many options! Yippee!
  • Reading // I've been working through The Boys in the Boat in the evenings before bed (it's a perfect before-bed read for me), and The Bassoon King on audio in the car. I need to get another audio started on my phone, or another book (since I'm kind of falling behind on my #harrypotterthon16 plans already), but I've been, ahem, sidetracked by Fixer-Upper. 
  • Kid-Reading // Eleanor has been really into the Cupcake Diaries and Piper Reed, and Juliet is OBSESSED with the Muddle & Match Imagine book from Usborne. 
  • Doing // Avoiding the heat! We've been visiting grandmas (mostly to take advantage of their swimming pools, ha) and the library a LOT. I think tomorrow we may break things up with a Trader Joe's run. Ah the excitement. I'm already counting down the days till October, when we can get back to our park time routines again.
  • Listening To // I'm still loving The West Wing Weekly so much. And I've joined the Hamilton obsessives - the music is just SO GREAT.
  • Planning // We're doing little themed weeks all summer (I say "all summer" as if it's super long, even though we only have 5 weeks till first grade starts.) This week is Princess Unicorn Camp, and next week is Nature Exploration Camp. I'm trying to decide if I'm brave enough to take the girls up Mt. Lemmon on Friday.
  • Eating // Way, way too much sugar. I sprained my ankle pretty badly last month, so I haven't been able to do any of my exercise classes at the Y since then. So, naturally, I'm compensating by eating way more food. Ah well, hopefully I'll be able to get things under control once start exercising again.

What are YOU currently into?