June 6, 2016

Monday Fun - Bookish Links and Quizzes

Happy Monday! Here are a few fun distractions to beat the Monday blahs.
  • I'm so surprised by this list I came across. The BBC asked a bunch of non-British critics to rank the most important English novels of all time... and they compiled a list of 100 titles. And I've only read 18 of them! I guess my Anglophilia only extends to non-important British books, ha!
  • I only got 17 out of 20 on this YA Book Cover quiz. Shocking!
  • Do you love these book pins as much as I do?! They're so adorable!!
  • And, I'm feeling super happy about my decision to host #harrypotterthon16 this summer, especially after seeing all of these cast photos from Harry Potter and the Cursed Child! I wish I was in London this summer! And that I had thousands of dollars to spare for a ticket... 
  • This list of American foods an Australian reader misunderstood made me laugh a lot! I love that she pictured "ice cream sandwiches" as scoops of ice cream between slices of white bread.

From the Quirky Bookworm archives for this week:

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I kind of forgot about the "What Does the Fox Say?" phenomenon! Must get Juliet to start saying "Geringadingdingdingding" again.