February 7, 2012

Love of Reading: A Lifelong Habit

Me, in 1985.
 I love reading. I always have.

That probably doesn't come as a surprise, since this blog is called Quirky Bookworm, and I talk about reading pretty much all the time.

But, I love lots of other things too. I like baking, and bike-riding, and playing board games like Ticket to Ride and Dutch Blitz. I enjoy visiting new cities and going out to eat and going to the movies to see summer blockbusters. I like Keith Urban and genealogy and teaching the elementary kids at church.

It's funny though, that in spite of all those other likes and interests, I still think of reading as the interest that defines me. "I'm a bookworm," I say, and people nod knowingly, as if to either say "Nerd alert!" or "Me too!", depending on the crowd.

Me, in 1990.
 As a bookworm, I especially love reading books -- but I read almost anything. Magazines, the back of cracker boxes, blogs, street signs. I'm the person who will notice the typos on the menu (à la Ted from HIMYM) because I'm always reading everything around me. I just love reading so much that I'm almost constantly doing it...sometimes without even realizing it!

This next week will be all about Love of Reading -- including posts by me, and by some of the bloggers whose blogs I love to read. I'll update this post with links to all the others, so that you can be sure not to miss any of them. I'm really excited about this series, and I hope that you will love it as much as I do!

What's the funniest menu typo YOU have ever seen? 
Do you define yourself as a bookworm?

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