February 5, 2012

WHERE to Get Rid of Books

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(I've been sharing my book de-cluttering discoveries with you over the course of the last three Sundays. Be sure to check out WHY and WHEN to get rid of books).

I think the hardest part of decluttering is making the effort to sort through your books and deciding what to keep. But, getting rid of what you've winnowed out can be really exhausting too. It's easy after all the work you've already done to want to just leave a "get-rid-of" pile in the corner of the garage, and then forget about it. Sticking with the process and actually getting the books out the door is vital! Here are some tips on places to sell or donate your books.
  • Here in Arizona we have Bookmans. I always take my books there first, and let them choose what they want, and get trade credit for them. If you don't have a local used bookstore near you, you could try Hastings, Half Price Books, or even have a garage sale.
  • If you have books that you think are really collectible you could try eBay or maybe Craigslist. But be sure to check sites like Abebooks to see what your books are worth before you waste your time.
  • Once you've already sold what you can, it's time to decide what to do with the rest. You essentially have two options: gift them to someone you know, or donate them. As long as they're still in excellent condition I have no hesitation in gifting books I owned to people. I just gave my grandparents 4 of my Charles Finch books for their birthdays, and they love them!
  • If you've decided to donate the remainder, now you need to figure out where. Your local library is a really good place to donate books: they'll be able to re-sell some of them, and earn some money to help keep it going. But don't forget about places like prisons and hospitals and nursing homes, they often need book donations too.
  • If you're getting rid of a bunch of kids' books, check with your local elementary school. It's sad how desperately teachers need more books for their classrooms. Or look for a charity that can use book donations. Here in Tucson we have the Shyann Kindness Project, and I'm sure there are similar things where you live. Just google "books for charity Wichita" or wherever you live, and a whole bunch of options will pop up.
Then go back home, put up your feet, and admire your empty bookshelves!

Where is your favorite place to donate books? 
Do you have any awesome used bookstores where you live?