January 17, 2012

Ugh, That Book Was Terrible

Normally I try to keep this a pretty happy place. There are so many good books out there; why waste time talking about the bad ones?

But. Sometimes you read a book. And it's terrible. And giving it 1 star on Goodreads just isn't enough. You need to tell everyone how much you hate it.

So you tweet about it. But still, a part of you just wants to tell the whole blogosphere.


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It was boring. Old man. Fish. Boat. Sea. Old man. Fish. Boat. Fish. Sea. Fish. Fish. Fish. I finished it out of stubborn determination, but ugh. UGH. Ugh.

Why the heck did Ernest Hemingway win a Pulitzer for that?!

Quirky Bookworm reader Melibee recently commented that she thought Pride and Prejudice was boring, and I was amazed. But when I tweeted about how boring The Old Man and Sea was, a friend of mine tweeted back that it's in his top 10 favorites. Just goes to show you how different reading tastes can be!

So maybe I should occasionally talk about the books I didn't like. Because who knows, some of you just might love them!

What book(s) do you dislike?