April 13, 2012

You've Read How Many Blog Posts?!

Cartoon found here.
 In recent years, I've noticed changes in my reading habits. I still read a lot of books, but fewer than I used to. And magazine reading has basically gone out the window (with the occasional exception of Cook's Illustrated) ever since I discovered the joy of my Google reader. Actually, I just checked the stats in my Google reader, and apparently since 2009 I've read 19,823 blog posts. Yikes! But that's how I get my news, learn about new books, and find inspiration for all sorts of things.

And, honestly, reading all those other blogs is a big part of what inspired me to start a blog of my own. So this week instead of giving you specifically book-related links, here are some links to some blogs I love to read. These are the blogs that I get all excited about whenever a new post shows up in my reader.
  • Small Notebook is hands-down my overall favorite blog. Rachel talks about everything from cleaning to remodeling to kids crafts to organization, all with simplification in mind. I loved this recent post about helping your future self.
  • Wednesday Chef is a delectable food blog. Luisa makes me want to make things even if I don't like them, because she makes them sound so good! And, she has a book coming out this fall - I'm so excited I already pre-ordered a copy of My Berlin Kitchen.
  • I've mentioned before that I'm obsessed with baby names, so I feel right at home at the Baby Name Wizard blog. And, this week Laura introduced forums -- let the excessive baby name discussions begin!

What blogs do you love to read? 
Share the links in the comments below!