July 18, 2012

#DailyBookPic Continues

 Day 9 - Book fetish. I can't stop buying Georgette Heyers. So I own lots of duplicates.

Day 10 - Not a book. Although it used to be part of one till Eleanor got a hold of it.

Day 11 - page count. This is the latest Elizabeth George, in paperback. At this rate, the next one is gonna have to be 2 volumes.

Day 12 - new release. An audiobook I just got sent for review.

Day 13 - I keep meaning to read... Funnily enough I accidentally grouped a bunch of unread books together on a shelf. Guess my subconscious was sorting!

Day 14 - Library card. I got a new one a few months ago, because my old one had disappeared. Inevitably, the day after I got the new one, Eleanor walked up and handed me the old one.

Day 15 - Picture books. My mom recently bought the Amy books for Eleanor, because I had loved them as a kid. And sure enough, Eleanor loves them too!

Day 16 - Marginalia. Notes I took on Colossians 4 in my French Bible.

(You can find my #dailybookpics from last week here. Or you can see lots of people's pics at Book Riot. Or you can follow me on Instagram or Twitter, and see 'em as they happen!)

What picture books did you love as a kid? 
Are your kids as hard on books as mine is?