September 7, 2012

Judging Books by Their Covers: Patricia Wentworth (and the giveaway winners!)

I love Patricia Wentworth's books. She has a whole series of mysteries starring Miss Maud Silver, retired governess, amateur detective. Miss Silver is a lot like Miss Marple, but a teensy bit more snarky, and with an inclination to suddenly quote Tennyson. But there are also a bunch of standalone mysteries: which usually involve some variation on "fellow in distress, plucky damsel must solve crime and win his love" or vice versa.

All of the Patricia Wentworths I own look like the one on the left - I think at some point they reprinted all of her books with identical covers. I like the one on the right better, but it's out of print. The cheapest paperback is $56 used!

Which cover do you prefer?
Have you ever read Patricia Wentworth?

The cover images are affiliate links. This post is part of my ongoing Judging Books by Their Covers series.
P.S. I completely forgot to pick the winners for The Joy Brigade and The Making of Us till last night! Kalyn C won The Joy Brigade and Amanda J won The Making of Us. I'll be contacting you for your addresses soon! Congratulations!