November 13, 2012

Survey: Are you a Bookmarker?

Photo found here.

I'm definitely a bookmarker. It makes me cringe when I see people slap down books open face, usually breaking the binding. (Although that table thing pictured above looks like a handy idea). 

I used to be better about just remembering what page I left off on, but I am almost 30, and in my old age I often can't remember. And my reading time is more limited these days, so I don't want to waste precious seconds flipping around looking for my spot.

One thing I never, ever do is fold corners. Judging by the numbers of dog-eared books we got at Bookmans though, a lot of people must. But based on the weirdness I found over the years, people do all sorts of horrifying things with/to their books.

How about you? Are you a bookmarker? What do you usually use as a bookmark? I embedded a little survey in this post just for fun. Will you take a second and answer the three questions? Or feel free to leave a comment telling me the weirdest thing you ever found in a secondhand book!