January 8, 2013

Classics Catch-Up Challenge: The Participants

Let me introduce the participants in the Classics Catch-Up Challenge! Right now there are 35 of us, of whom a couple are my friends, several are bloggers I know, and one is my sister-in-law. But many of you are new names/faces, and I'm excited that you're joining along!

Pragya @ Reviewing Shelf
Krista G
Heatherly Sylvia

We're reading Anna Karenina for January-February, and hopefully Wuthering Heights too! I'll be emailing the participants at the end of January with a little reminder (and some cheer-leading) as we tackle the enormity of Anna Karenina

Those of you who haven't joined in yet are still welcome to - see the original post for all the sign-up details. Plus: one addendum. Due to popular demand, I'll allow ONE substitution, if there's a book you just hate or have read several times already. But I want it to feel a bit bookclubbish, so I want us to be reading all the same books at the same time.

In the meantime, wish me luck. I got the audio book version from the library but it was thirty-six hours long. (Yikes!) So I returned it and requested a print copy, which just came in. I'm hoping to start it today or tomorrow.

Anyone else wanna join us?

Update: 1/9/13. Welcome to new participants: Caitlin D, Kathleen, Vicki B., Haley Lloyd, Anne H., and Erin Leschot. So glad to have you!

Update: 1/13/13. Welcome to Pamm, Amy, and Heather Smith! Now there are 45 of us! 

Update: 1/20/13. Welcome to Trisha, Alison @uncertainsomewhere, Nicole, and Justice! Ooooh, we're almost at 50! 

Update: 1/21/13. Hello Sherri and Benjamin Green! Woohoo - over 50 of us now!

Update: 2/6/13. Yay for SuperLibrarian and Emily Phoenix! Love that the challenge keeps growing.