January 10, 2013

What I'm Reading: A List of Three(ish)

The Distant Hours by Kate Morton. I'm liking this one almost as much as The Secret Keeper... although it is rather similar. Again, daughter discovers mother had secret life back during WWII, and sets about uncovering it. The story flashes back and forth between the war and the 1990s. My only quibble is that I find it unrealistic that 2 daughters have been so clueless about their mothers' lives. What kind of daughter asks for the first time at age THIRTY how her parents met?? I do realize some families talk less than my loquacious one, but still.

The Afrika Reich by Guy Saville. This is an interesting alternate history thriller - set in Africa about 10 years after Hitler's forces won WWII. Burton Cole was sent to assassinate the leader of Nazi Afrika, but things went terribly awry, and he has to flee across the continent. I'm reading it for Shelf Awareness - and it's one of the things I love about reviewing for them. I end up reading all kinds of stuff I wouldn't normally read. [Edit: although it is awfully violent, shudder. I had bad dreams last night.]

Young House Love by Sherry and John Petersik. I'm enjoying reading bits of this one before bed. Yay for fun Christmas presents! But poor Noel, I'm going to want to redecorate all kinds of things in our house now.

I'm also excited to be starting Anna Karenina! I feel like I need to hurry and read it before I lose any of my momentum for the challenge. I can't decide if tackling it in small chunks, or trying to read it all at once is better.

And yeah, I'm theoretically still working on Into Thin Air too. But I haven't read any of it since before New Year's. I'm hoping to get rolling on it again though.

What are YOU reading so far in 2013?

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