January 11, 2013

Weekend Links: My Most Popular Posts of 2012 and Musings on Advertising

My favorite pic of 2013 so far. I heard "Help! Mommy! I can't reach!" and found Eleanor like this.

I thought that just for fun I'd share the links to my 12 most popular posts of 2012.
  1. The 10 Best Books I've Read So Far in 2012
  2. Pinterest-Inspired Book Art Links
  3. Announcing the 2013 Classics Catch-Up Challenge 
  4. Gift Ideas: Exceptional Board Books
  5. 5 Reasons WHY to Get Rid of Books 
  6. 31 Days of Awesome Kids' Books
  7. Announcing the Summer Reading Club
  8. A Tough Decision: The Very Best Books of 2011
  9. My Auto-Buy Authors (Eight authors I can't get enough of!)
  10. Love of Reading: Nursery Rhymes
  11. A Bookworm's Debate: WHEN to Get Rid of Books?
  12. Happy Birthday to Quirky Bookworm!

Ironic that none of my most-viewed posts are actual book reviews! Apparently you guys like it more when I do round-up lists of multiple books, or when I babble about my bookish life.

I also wanted to briefly share my evolving philosophy about ads. When I first started the blog (17 months ago), I installed Google ads (the ones you see between posts, or in the sidebar). So far in 17 months, they've garnered enough clicks to earn me a whopping $79.13. Big money...

But Google only pays out in $100 increments, and who knows when I'll get there! I was thinking that as soon as I do get to $100, and get the money, then I'd switch to letting people advertise directly here. I don't expect this to be a money maker - I blog because I love talking about books, not to make money - but I at least want it to pay for itself, and right now it isn't. (I pay for the domain name, for giveaways to you, for occasional ads on other blogs, etc).

Therefore, since I don't know if I'll ever get to $100 through Google, I decided to start opening up other ads now, instead of waiting. If you've got a blog or book you'd like to promote, check out my new advertising page for more details. And also - know that if/when you guys click through my affiliate links in posts, and shop on Amazon, I earn a few cents as a referral fee for each transaction. So thanks in advance for anyone who chooses to advertise here, and thanks for occasionally buying your stuff on Amazon through me! 

If someday I could earn enough money to make this a fully-self-supporting habit (and perhaps even to pay for a ticket to BEA or Blissdom or some such conference) I will be so excited!

Do you have any expensive interests
What are your thoughts about blog ads?